Imagine Kanata and Ottawa’s most fascinating and engaging presenters, artists and thinkers coming together to share their passions and discuss their visions for the world all within an underlying theme. Well, it’s happening at TEDxKanata! Join us for inspiration, innovation and, of course, ideas worth spreading— featuring some of Canada’s most incredible speakers.

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March 9th, 2017



Wow.  What an evening.  Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to TEDxKanata March 31st, 2016.  It was truly an evening of big ideas, inspirations and story telling.  The room was charged with energy and the networking was unmatched.

We can’t thank the Ottawa Community enough for being bold.  For challenging status quo and taking on big ideas.

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Given 2 years ago, this TED Talk titled "The Internet is on Fire" by Mikko Hypponen at TEDxBrusselsstill...

About 4 hours ago from TEDxKanata's Twitter via Facebook

Located just west of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Kanata is a hub of captivating people with extraordinary ideas. In addition to its fascinating, talented community of thought leaders, Kanata is also home to world-class companies such as Mitel, Halogen and You.i. With so much talent in its very own backyard, TEDxKanata’s organizers and partners came together […]

He’s not your conventional hacker. Dr. Andrew Pelling, a biohacker and experimentalist scientist, uses low-cost, open source materials to create technologies of the future –including his team’s current work of growing human cells in apples and living skin on LEGOs. Cross-appointed to the University of Ottawa’s biology and physics departments, Dr. Pelling directs the Laboratory […]

From Toronto to New York, Justina designs reside in fashion capitals around the world. Her bridal and couture gowns have been enjoyed by the likes of Laureen Harper and former ballerina Karen Kain. She outfitted Kate Hudson in a custom gown when her character married Richard Gere in the 2000 romantic comedy Dr. T & […]