Our theme for TEDxKanata 2017: “The Next 150: Driving Change” in support of Canada celebrating 150 years as a nation. We are excited to explore what the next 150 years will bring. Are you?

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March 9th, 2017


Imagine Kanata and Ottawa’s most fascinating and engaging presenters, artists and thinkers coming together to share their passions and discuss their visions for the world all within an underlying theme. Well, it’s happening at TEDxKanata! Join us for inspiration, innovation and, of course, ideas worth spreading— featuring some of Canada’s most incredible speakers.

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Good news! The Set Design contest has been extended until Wed. Jan 18th, a couple more days to send in your ideas!……

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After randomly meeting Oprah at a Chipotle in California, Amy Karam realized that anything is possible in its own time. Amy is a passionate speaker, consultant, author and corporate instructor of Stanford University professional development courses, as well as her own workshops. With a unique and engaging style, she lectures on topics including innovation, sales, […]

With TEDxKanata fast approaching, we are thrilled to announce our first speaker: Melanie Coulson. Inspired by the Hopi American Indian Proverb, ‘Those who tell the stories rule the world’, Melanie’s passion lies in telling fascinating stories on multiple platforms and connecting with people. As the Director of Content and Engagement at Canada 2020, Melanie has […]

TEDxKanata is back for the third year in a row and with it, an inspiring new theme titled, ‘The Next 150: Driving Change’. As Kanata and Ottawa’s most captivating speakers and presenters will come together under one roof on March 9, 2017 to share and explore what the next 150 years have to offer, we […]