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John Weigelt spends most of his days looking at the future. As the National Technology Officer for Microsoft Canada, John has the unique role of looking ahead 3-5 years and working at the intersection of innovative technology to determine how it impacts strategic policy and business decisions.

In this role, Mr. Weigelt helps business and governments innovate with technology while avoiding the unintended consequences that might arise. He leads Canadian outreach for a variety of technology policies, including: Economic Development, Privacy, Security, Government 3.0, Accessibility, Environmental Sustainability and Interoperability.

A strategic thinker, John has contributed to the development of international standards and guidelines, government policies, national strategies, provincial and federal legislation. These contributions range from the detailed technical specificity of protocol definition to macroeconomic principles.

To learn how to use technology in the right place, in the right way, at the right time, make sure to follow John on Twitter at @Thumbtackhead.

“People in Canada have a great opportunity and responsibility to drive global change. We get to live in a place that we love and project our know-how around the globe.” 

John Weigelt, National Technology Officer for Microsoft Canada

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