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Amy Karam is a passionate speaker, consultant, author and corporate instructor of Stanford University professional development courses, as well as her own workshops. With a unique and engaging style, she lectures on topics including innovation, sales, marketing, global competitiveness and China.

Amy’s passion for international business and innovation is reflected in her career path. As a global expansion and competitive strategy consultant, Amy equips companies facing a new generation of competitors to succeed in global markets with proven strategies. Unique to her years of diverse international experience, including 15 years in Silicon Valley, is Amy’s extensive work with emerging markets and competing with new market entrants.

Amy has worked with over 50 countries and at companies such as Cisco, Apple, Visa, Nationwide, Capital One, SAP, Bell Canada and AT&T. Notably, she led a CEO-sponsored global competitive sales support program at Cisco Systems, the catalyst for her current practice. She has also led business development initiatives with the World Bank, ITU-D, government Ministers of emerging countries and high-technology companies, to foster public and private sector collaboration.

Amy poured her experience and desire to influence change into her book, The China Factor: Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete, Grow and Win in the New Global Economy.

Amy holds an International MBA and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa, Canada. She also completed the Innovation for Economic Development Program at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Be sure to follow Amy on Twitter at @AmyKaram, and don’t forget to apply for your chance to attend TEDxKanata here!

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