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In 2000, Allan Brown made a radical mid-life shift by selling his IT consulting firm in order to fully dedicate himself to international development work. Today, Allan is the International Director and Founder of Compasio Relief & Development, an organization that seeks to love, protect and empower those who are vulnerable.

From responding first-hand to the devastation of the 2004 Asian tsunami, to pioneering sustainable programs for victims of trafficking and abuse in high-risk refugee populations, Allan provides insights into the good, the bad and the ugly of development and charitable response.

His life, work and travels are filled with adventure and stories of hope and resilience in the midst of incredible challenge and even tragedies faced by disadvantaged communities.

Allan has recently returned to Canada after 15 years abroad overseeing work among displaced ethnic minority communities on the Thailand-Myanmar border. He continues to invest his time in helping others as a strategic planning consultant for non-profits, as well as an advisor on responsible philanthropy for individuals and corporations.

To stay up to date on Allan’s initiatives, be sure to follow him on Twitter at @AllanLeeBrown.

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