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Dillon Black is a gender-nonconforming anti-violence activist meets tech feminist media-maker who is passionate about changing the Internet, challenging cyberviolence, and empowering young women and LGBTQ youth. Dillon believes the greatest challenge the internet faces today is the issue of violence and abuse, due to the fact that cyberviolence and online abuse is much bigger […]

John Weigelt spends most of his days looking at the future. As the National Technology Officer for Microsoft Canada, John has the unique role of looking ahead 3-5 years and working at the intersection of innovative technology to determine how it impacts strategic policy and business decisions. In this role, Mr. Weigelt helps business and […]

Amy Karam is a passionate speaker, consultant, author and corporate instructor of Stanford University professional development courses, as well as her own workshops. With a unique and engaging style, she lectures on topics including innovation, sales, marketing, global competitiveness and China. Amy’s passion for international business and innovation is reflected in her career path. As […]

With TEDxKanata fast approaching, we are thrilled to announce our first speaker: Melanie Coulson. Inspired by the Hopi American Indian Proverb, ‘Those who tell the stories rule the world’, Melanie’s passion lies in telling fascinating stories on multiple platforms and connecting with people. As the Director of Content and Engagement at Canada 2020, Melanie has […]